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What Services Do We Offer?

We offer hearing aid repairs for all makes and brands of hearing aids at our hearing aid center in Tyler, TX. Sometimes, age and use can take their toll on hearing aids making them fail. While sometimes we can repair the hearing aid on the spot, occasionally they will need the attention of a trained repair technician.

If we can’t repair it immediately, we will handle the return of the hearing aid to the Manufacturer’s repair facility for you. However, you can reduce the problems by taking care of your hearing aids with a clean and care routine.

If the cost to repair is more than your hearing aids are worth, you can opt for a free hearing exam and free in-office demo of new hearing aids.

Troubleshooting Tips

Replace the battery

Hearing aid batteries die just like any other. Simply replace the battery if it hasn’t been changed in a while and see if that works. 

Remove & Re-insert

Sometimes it is just not placed correctly in or behind the ear. Do this a couple times and let us know if it doesn’t help. 

Replace The Filter

When you were fitted for your hearing aid your hearing professional should have showed you how this is done. 
Questions? Feel free to contact us. 

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Aid Cleanings Happen Right Here In Our Office—While You Wait.

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