Hearing Aid Specialist in Tyler, Texas

Did You Hear That?
It’s Your Life.

Don’t miss out on hearing another precious moment

Hearing Aid Specialist in Tyler, Texas

Did You Hear That?
It’s your life.

Save 27% on revolutionary Widex Evoke hearing aids. Schedule an appointment for a free demo.

Frustrated with hearing aids because the last ones you tried didn’t work? Already wearing hearing aids and you’re tired of feeling embarrassed by their bulky size? Not sure you can even afford hearing aids?

Sound like your story?

It was mine, too. But not anymore.


Hear Again in Our Office—Before You Spend a Dime.

 You can experience life again. Listen to your favorite music. Hear your kids tell you they love you. Enjoy the sounds of your grandkids playing. Understand your pastor on Sunday morning. Equipped with state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, you and your family can (finally) experience life the way it was meant to be experienced — with crystal clarity.

“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” – Helen Keller

Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

Smartphone-Controlled Hearing Aids That Respond to Your Environment—Automatically

What if your hearing aids detected and reacted to the sounds around you? And what if your iPhone could connect to your hearing aids to automatically adjust to your surroundings? It’s all possible with Widex EVOKE hearing aids.

How It Works

3 (Easy) Steps to Hear Again

(1) Visit Our Clinic

(Make Your Spouse Happy)

Our staff is friendly and the environment is nothing like a doctor’s office.

(2) Get Tested & Fitted

(Free + No Needles)

We know you are busy and we will work to get you in and fitted for hearing aids in just 45 minutes.

(3) Enjoy Your Life

(You Heard Me)

We get to hear our clients tell us how much their life has changed. We want you to be next.

Reconnect With Those You Love Most

Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Depression


It’s About So Much More Than Your Hearing.

It’s about your family.
Your health.
Your job.
Your memories.

Hearing is not something you want to put off until tomorrow. Let our specialist fit you with life-changing hearing aids today.



On Your First Visit


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*We work with many major insurance companies

Top Quality Products

Hearing Aids Trusted By Specialists & Patients Around the Country.

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People Just Like You, Wearing, Hearing & Loving It

“American Hearing Solutions has been great! As a flight nurse, I had very specific needs. I needed certain aspects of several different hearing aids. He wasn’t happy until I was 100% satisfied. My Hearing Aids have been superb. Thanks for helping me HEAR AGAIN! You saved my job. My family and I are very grateful.”

“When I started experiencing a significant amount of hearing loss, I turned to AHS and Del. He put me at ease and allowed me to hear again. He is still there for me when I need an adjustment. I appreciate the kindness of him and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone. I thank him and my co-workers thank him.

“Recently, I got a call from American Hearing Solutions to come in for a checkup. They cleaned my hearing aids and adjusted them. I’m so glad I went. I can hear much better. My wife has stopped yelling. I can hear the television better than her. I highly recommend American Hearing Solutions. The staff is awesome!”

Del Eubanks Hearing Instrument Specialist.


More than a specialist—Del is an American Hearing Solutions client

All his life, AHS owner Del Eubanks has enjoyed serving people. But it wasn’t until he began helping people hear again that he found his true calling. After much prayer, seeking God’s direction for his life, he was introduced to the hearing care industry. From day one as a trainee at a local hearing center, he absolutely loved it. So, he began his studies and earned his certification as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Over time, he (and others) noticed that his own hearing had begun to deteriorate. So, he was fitted with a Widex hearing aid that restored his confidence, removed his frustration with noisy environments, and reconnected him with those he loves the most.

That’s why he can’t wait to help you.

Give Us A Call & You’ll Never Fake Nod Your Way Through Another Conversation. 


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